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I’ve been thinking about writing a BLOG…Which has lead me to thinking about what I do & how I do it & would people be interested in reading any of my thought process behind what I do ? I have also been thinking who are my audience ??? So let me know .

Through these thoughts I have uncovered intimate reasons why I sing & write & perform. I’ve discovered as a child I felt ( true or not ) as though I had no voice. My father didnt listen to us & I was expected to be quiet , not ask questions ,not disagree , not debate or enquire. I had no voice . I became affraid to speak out , to ask for help. I would write secret diaries.

I rebelled as a child .I’d write songs to myself about Paddington Bear .Lost in London .I had a very natural  instinct for music, in later years I have found I have a photographic memory of lyrics, but was very shy. None of my teachers recognized my talent. I was put in remedial for English only to moved to top set the next week. They couldn’t work me out ? We had lived in Australia when I was 6 & I got confused about where I was from, but I was determined that  was going to do what I wanted regardless of how I was treated as a child ,teenager & young woman . I was going to fight for my voice to be heard,listened too & respected.

A good friend of mine is a UK born physcoanalist in Paris  & I received from her an email of fury from her calling on me to write a song for a distant associate  of her’s. This woman had mysteriously dissapeared at Damascus airport much to the dismay of her husband whom she called explaining that the police where “hysterically” going through her luggage……then the phone went dead.

This woman was on her way to Paris to a psychoanalytic convention & was arrested because she LISTENS. She does so by holding a once weekly group in Sryia, inviting people to talk about their fears. It appears this is a governmental threat . A 60 something woman inviting people to talk about their fears of being terrorized so they can feel better .

This brings me back to my subject . MY VOICE . How important it has been for me to have it . How important for our words to have substance.For there to be a personal truth to my words & then the STRENGTH to express them as a woman , as individual in a male dominated industry & patriarchal country.

Oh, I think I like blogging !

Please do join in comment form share your stories & give VOICE to your thoughts here .